Representation Before the Massachusetts Parole Board

If you need representation before the Massachusetts Parole Board, Attorney Elikann can help.

Under Massachusetts law, prisoners have a right to be paroled if they can convince the parole board that there is a reasonable probability that, if released, the prisoner will not break the law and this release won’t be harmful to the public. Contrary to what some people think, the granting of parole, when merited, actually increases public safety.  Every study shows that, since 97% of all prisoners will eventually be released, the ones that are released on parole with adequate supervision and help for their reentry into society, actually break the law in much smaller numbers than those who simply serve out their entire sentence and then are set loose into the public without any supervision.

            Attorney Peter Elikann is a veteran criminal defense attorney for more than 30 years who has educated the public and the profession on how to lower the crime rate through writing books and more than 50 articles on the law; through keynote speeches across the United States; and through literally thousands of appearances on television and radio as a legal analyst. He has been selected as a Super Lawyer of Massachusetts and New England during the last four years.

            Attorney Elikann will assist with both parole hearings and parole revocation hearings before the Massachusetts Parole Board. During parole hearings he will help demonstrate to the parole board why certain parolees would be unlikely to commit any crimes once released.  But the work he does will go far beyond representation at the hearing itself.  Much of the work is done beforehand and includes making certain the inmate’s complete record contains no unfair errors and then setting up a transition plan in advance of the hearing that includes housing, potential job opportunities, and a support network that can incorporate family, friends, church and recovery programs—all to give the parole board the clearest, truest and most correct information in order to more clearly show it whenever the inmate merits getting paroled.

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